Remote server administrating allows to transfer server management to the team of experienced professionals. Apart of server support the cost of full service also includes:

Software installation and configuration

   Installing and configuring of the system is done from scratch up to implementation of new services to existing infrastructure.

Optimization and tuning

   Bottlenecks searching and eliminating. Configuration is starting from the parameters of the operating system core to the final software: databases, Web and mail services. Configuring the most optimal parameters of the systems and services.

Programmers and development engineers support

   Services logging comes along with sending e-mail notifications that allows keeping track of emerging applications. Our experts can help development engineers to track failure and eliminate any kind of error.


Basic DDoS protection

   We are applying innovative technologies to protect against DDoS attack and to enhance server protection. Our specialists investigate each attack in detail and select optimal ways of protection.


   Our experience in the use of different systems for backup allows implementation and maintenance of solutions ranging from simple flexible scripts to complex commercial solutions.


   The monitoring process is done by its own monitoring system as well as by tools installed on the maintained server that provide automatic services restart in case of failure.

Fast reaction

   Efficiency performance recover, research and elimination of the cause are performed in case of emergency situations in the shortest time.

Gained experience practice

   Over the years of work on our developed templates and concepts are allowing us to get rid of common mistakes to apply the latest developments and ideas.


   Since the start of a new contract we create a set of documents for all servers and services. Documentation helps to perform work on the servers more effectively.