Nginx Installation and caching

   Nginx installation performs more efficient on the server without maintaining new hardware.  This effect is achieved by high-performance work of nginx with a static content. Static content output is done by Nginx tools, while dynamic pages generation is done by Apache. In the situation of the dynamic content Nginx + Memcached connection allows to cache most popular requests and to pass it to the client without any additional load.


   Nowadays the most common operating systems and programs have a standard configuration to work on any hardware. Optimizing the operating system and software according to the direct problem can free up additional resources. Optimization involves core,  file system, network stack and software. Experience with heavy load web project allows to select the optimal parameters depending on the task and used equipment.



   Over the years of work we developed some tools for clustering of various web services. Depending on your goal we can create failure steadiness and high available clusters. Failure steadiness is enhancing with the use of reliable components in combination with duplication. Load balancing on duplicated services provides high performance.  Disabling one of the system parts does not affect the availability of the resource. The combination of these kind of actions can significantly increase the service availability and quality.

DDoS protection

   Preventing against DDoS begins with optimizing operating system network stack. This is reducing failure risks of servicing and increase TCP/IP protocol speed under heavy loads. Software and scripts for logs analysis of resources being under attack make it possible to detect and block those using firewalls and internal server tools. Each attack is unique so complex protection allows to eliminate most of the attacks.

Further systems development in compliance with PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard)

   The use of modern ways of payment over the Internet requires serious attention to security system when working with debit cards. Due to the importance of data it requires considerable effort to meet the high demands from the international payment system VISA MasterCard and so on. Our company has an experience in information systems certification under the PCI DSS.