How do we work?


   Managers are responsible for finding new clients and timely tasks execution.


   Work hours are from 8:00 am to 20:00 MSK on weekdays.

   Most of the work is done by engineers. Their duty is to solve the major problems on servers during daytime. Our engineers ally with the client’s programmers so they can get strategic information to process major changes in the system which allows to quickly fix any problem that might come up.

Technical Supporters

   24/7 Tech Support.

The duties are:

  • Monitoring
  • installation of updates
  • routine tasks
  • emergencies response
  • small tasks without significant modification of the server configuration (adding / deleting users, enabling / disabling modules, switching, etc.)
  • etc.

   In the case of exceptional situations, the system administrator on duty will alert engineers to provide  timely action to eliminate problems.



   Due to our work hours there is always someone available in case of emergency.