Our specialists do all routine day-to-day server support operations. In case of significant changes introduction necessity our specialists can perform with an extra payment agreement.

Updates installation

   Our specialists usually update installed software on servers and implement up-to-date tools to protect server’s data.


   Reserve copying makes it possible to reduce the risks of data loss. BackUp saving reserve copies of web-projects and data bases as well as configuration system files. Data copying is done automatically and allows you to have up-to-date BackUp.


   Tracking the services functioning and timely reaction to emergency situations. In case of server failure we perform research of the cause and eliminate the problem to recover the efficiency performance of the server.


Custom works

   The custom works included in the cost of maintaining server are, for example:


  • Adding / deleting users on server
  • Creating / modifying mailboxes
  • Creating / editing Web sites
  • Adding / editing new domains
  • Adding / editing new cron tasks
  • etc.


   While significant changes on the server, for example the installation of new software, are done by an extra payment.